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Automobile Insurance Plans
Automobile Insurance Plans

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It is critical to remember when you drive a vehicle owned by another person or entity, that you check to be sure it is properly insured before you drive it. Driving an uninsured auto could cost you your driving privileges for a long time, even if you do not own the vehicle.

At Phelps Financial Services, we offer you a choice; now there's auto insurance for those who make the RESPONSIBLE CHOICE not to drink and drive impaired by alcohol. We are proud to offer you GuideOne automobile insurance for your personally owned autos.

For more than 50 years, GuideOne Insurance has been dedicated to protecting families across America through their passionate commitment to eliminating drinking and driving. They believe that if you don't drink and drive impaired by alcohol, you shouldn't pay for the actions of those who do. That's one reason why we are proud to offer you this quality company, which offers competitive insurance coverage to those who share their concern and commitment. GuideOne is dedicated to insuring eligible drivers who make the Responsible Choice.

Why CHOOSE GuideOne?

GuideOne Insurance focuses on the individual customer and continues to develop products to fit your specific risks. By getting to know you, it is possible to create a complete insurance plan specific to you and your situation. Choosing GuideOne offers you the opportunity to discover why personal attention makes a difference.

Responsible Choice auto coverage offers these important FEATURES:

Liability pays:
  • Bodily injury and property damage compensation for which you're liable
  • Court costs, attorney fees
  • Bail bond fees (up to $500)
Medical pays hospital and doctor bills (up to selected limits) for each passenger in your car, regardless of which driver was at fault
(coverage will vary in no-fault states)
Income Protection pays 85% of actual lost income up to $30,000, depending on selected limits; covers your passengers, as well as your family members traveling in other cars or as pedestrians
(coverage will vary in no-fault states)
Collision pays for damage to your car resulting from an accident
Comprehensive pays for other accidental damage to your car, including losses from storms, vandalism, fire, theft, flood, hail and other perils
Underinsured Motorists
pays compensation for bodily injury to you and passengers in your car, which you're legally entitled to recover from another driver who has no insurance or is underinsured

OPTIONAL Coverage Available:

Death and Disability pays up to $25,000 per person for accidental death and specified disability
Extended Transportation Expense increases the amount paid (up to $30 per day for 30 days) for car rental when your vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident
Towing/Roadside Repair pays up to $50 when your car is disabled for any reason

Due to applicable state laws, certain coverages may not be available in your state. Please see your policy for exact details on coverage. See Phelps Financial Services for coverage availability in your state.

The Responsible Choice policy offers these added BENEFITS:

Glass Coverage
the comprehensive deductible is waived if your windshield is repaired, rather than replaced
Transportation Expense GuideOne pays up to $100 per person for meals, lodging and/or commercial transportation home or to the intended destination when you're stranded as as result of damage to your insured auto
No Depreciation on a New Car if your car is less than 90 days old and is stolen or damaged beyond repair, GuideOne will replace it with a new car
GuideOne pays up to $200 for items stolen or damaged while in your automobile; no deductible for the loss of religious books
Life Belt Plus GuideOne pays an additional accidental death benefit if anyone in your insured vehicle should be killed in an accident while wearing a seat belt
(not available in no-fault states)
Car Loan
GuideOne pays the balance of your car loan, should you be killed in an accident with your covered auto
Rental Coverage GuideOne covers physical damage to a car rented for personal use (for up to 30 continuous days), such as family vacations
Waiver of Deductible if your car is damaged by lightning, fire or a collision with another vehicle insured by GuideOne Insurance (except those included on your policy), GuideOne waives the deductible
Guaranteed, Prompt Claims Service to report an accident, call the convenient toll-free GuideLine™, Express Claims Reporting Service, any time, day or night. Our Claims Department will contact you within two business days, or we'll waive the deductible!

Buckle Up- It Pays!

If you're an Annually Renewable Term, 7-Year Level Term, 10-, 15-, 20- Year Level Term or Master Plan policyholder, wearing your seat belt can pay off in two ways:

Saving Your Life Persons wearing seat belts are 50% to 75% less likely to die in an auto accident than those who don't!
Paying Double Benefits If you have your auto insured with GuideOne and are killed in an auto accident, and you're wearing your seat belt, you'll receive…. Double Death Benefits, up to an additional $50,000.

Ask us at Phelps Financial for details and availability for your state.
Subject to approval in your individual state, not available in all states.

Plus, you may be eligible for these added SAVINGS:

  • Air Bag Discount
  • Anti-Lock Brake Discount
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount (Anti-Theft Device Form (PDF) Print, fillout and mail to us.)
  • Auto/Home Discount
  • Good Student Discount (Application Form (PDF) Print, fillout and mail to us.)
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Safe Car Discount
  • Safe Driving Discounts                                                                            


Get Auto Quote

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*Please note that these offerings are state and policy specific; please contact our office to be sure they are offered in full or in part for your state. This page is not designed to be a complete listing of the coverage benefits or exclusions but a brief outline. For a complete listing of the benefits and exclusions, please review your state specific GuideOne policy*. Please note that each policy type has certain underwriting qualifications which you may or may not qualify for. Call or email our office to have your qualifications reviewed by an agent for a quote. To receive a no-obligation quote, fax or email us a copy of your present insurance dec sheet that outlines your current plan of insurance. An agent will reply with a contact for an apt to review your data and your qualifications.

Phone 614-899-6000 

Toll free 877-471-7997 for the states of OH, IN, KY, WI only

Email : dphelps@phelpsfinancial.com

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