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Value Added Services Network
Our value added service network of individually picked businesses and services presents you with opportunities for consulting and counsel with people and businesses that can provide services and products for our clients with professional integetry.  Products/service are presented under clients types that may be possible matches.  Consumers, Seniors, Religious, Commercial, and Employees. Some are listed more than once if services overlap.


Value added services offered:

    • Financing and leasing services for property, vehicles and equipment.
    • ECCU for qualifying institutions
    • Services include property financing, vehicle financing and leasing, and equipment financing and leasing. This company also offers religious institution full service credit union services for staff and attendees.
    • Bank of the West
    • For qualifying institutions
    • Services include property funding
  1. Vehicle purchasing and leasing services
    • Master planning consulting services: matching ministry to building use, ministry visions and goals, charitable giving plans, growth issues, timing of ministry projects and changes.
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