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Business and Industry Awards

Viewed by many church leaders and religious organizastions as a trustworthy and understanding agency that cares about the needs of their ministry.  This is built on the fact that we believe assisting the local church ministry is vital for today. We are invited regularly for seminiars and speaking by many church groups and colleges as they seek to team with us in this endevor over the last 30 plus years.

Business organizations and business have invited us regularly for siminiars and speaking to their staff and organization concerning improvement in meeting the challenges of today's culture in the business world.

Insurance companies and industry organization as well as agents requlary consult us for information and better ways to meet today's cultural demands for ways to better intergrate the elements of risk management, disaster recovery plans, and insurance.  They appreciate our timely info, experience and personal care we offer, in an age when it is hard to find the quality we offer.

GP:  company award (attained) One of the awards an agent can attain for policy retention. This award requires retention for a  policy book that is 90% or higher. Most of the time in business we have been honored by a 95% or above retention by our many satisfied clients that enjoy the teamwork, trust and experience we offer them in a caring personal relationship designed to meet today's challenges.

Toppers:  company award (attained) This is a top producers level which is rewarded by monitary gifts, other gifts, and trips. These trip have included such places as the Middle East, Europe three times covering most of it, Northern Africa twice, Latin America twice, the Caribbean Islands, Pacific Islands, and all over the North American Continent. This award has been attained almost every year we have been in business.

Superstar:  company award (attained) This is the top producers level which is an award a notch above the topper company award with extra perks above and including all topper awards. This has been attained over 75% of the time in business.

Contingency:  company award (attained) This is a very coveted award, based on property and casualty production and the company book loss ratio. This monitary award which has been attained every year in business except three. This award brings with it great respect from company underwriters and the company as a whole. This attainment allows the agency more flexibility with the rates it can offer to clients. This also provides some flexibility with underwriting rules, and the ability to write business other agencies would not be allowed to write at times. This therefore, is a great benefit for the agnecy's clients and can affect their individual insurance premiums charged by the company, as well as underwriting requirements.

National Quality Life:  industry award (attained) One of the covenanted industry awards which is based on policy retention. Caring for a client need is one thing; having a satisfied client who continues with the coverage can present another challenge today. This requires retention for a life policy book of business that is 95% or higher.

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