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Ministry Stewardship Tools And Their Critical Application For Today's Culture

The Critical Application of "The Ministry Stewardship Tools" For Today's Culture

Assisting ministries with developing, restoring and preserving trust, with excellence.

We believe you will find our stewardship tools and our extensive and on-going coaching, effective, informational, and an encouragement for your ministry leaders as they face the challenges of today's culture. If you are serious about your ministry, its safety and continuity, we need to talk.  Insurance is only one of the four critical intergated elements you need today.  All four have a very critical function and must work together effectively.  We can work with you if you desire to help you put it all together.

It has been estimated that litigation against church ministries for 2007 ended the year with an estimated increase of over 1,200% and is still growing this year. It is therefore critical that you review your possible mininstry risk factors to offer the best protection for your staff, both paid and volunteer, and those of your community of faith that your staff ministers to. Note the truths found in Proverbs 27:12: the wise person considers the known and communicated dangers and takes precaution, but the unwise continue on with their neglect, busyness, and naive assumptions which develops unwise choices to suffer the consequences. I Peter 5:8 (KJV) states, "Be sober, be vigilent; because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour," a vivid picture of today's culture and the church ministries within it. Our culture has changed dramatically for ministries which for many has progressed unnoticed. Systematically the protection of the charitable immunity laws since 1975 have been eroded. These laws from our beginning were designed to provide unique immunity protection to ministries from litigation and encrochment by government. This growing loss of protection leaves your ministry open to possible growing aspects of litigation. For proactive ministries which take the time to work with, and properly apply the ministry stewardship tools to their ministry areas this growing protection void can be effectively dealt with.

A reminder note from history:

Most noted historians claim they have found that most all known recorded civilaziations have mention of a flood, though not always quite the same as presented in Genesis concerning Noah and his family. As noted by all, people were told to make the right choice but only a few followed the wisdom of Proverbs 27:12. I am sure you know the consequences of each person's choice as record, like that of the Titanic mentioned below.

The Titanic sailed in all its glory with no risk management or disaster recovery plan completed for its trip, believing the ship was unsinkable even to the point of removing most of the life boats with statements that "not even God could sink the ship". The wisdom of Proverbs 27:12 and the many wise warnings given were ignored, leaving the consequences of many lost lives and the ship. The ship and most of the people on it, were covered by insurance.

The critical factor for those in today's culture, as with the average person's health risk factors, they hear what they need to do to lower their health risk, but there is a long distance from hearing to the proactive actions that accomplishes risk factor control. To often a person knows there are things that must be done to bring their blood pressure under control, but proactively doing it is another thing for far to many until a disaster occures. The result is increasing health costs and rules for the consumer and employer as providers and insurance seek to deal with this resulting aftermath.

The critical factor:

Insurance, without the foundation of a quality comprehensive risk, and disaster study which deals with each realized risk factor is really a disaster in waiting for your staff and those of your community of faith.  Would you think it unwise to never take the time to check your auto brakes and feel justified with this decision because you have auto insurance. Healthy life choices as are checking your auto brakes, are the risk mangement safeguards you choose to put in place in your life, to lesson the risk of the premature loss of your life.  Ministry insurance is like life insurance, which can not stop you from dying, but can assist with the possible financial aftermath of your death. 

Our Ministry Stewardship Tools

  • Risk Management (the critical foundation tool)
  • Disaster Management
  • Written safeguards/pricedures
  • Insurance Management (Risk Financing)
  • Financial Management

Today's culture demands understanding of the above four tools for their proper application and use.

The Ministry Areas For Application of The Above Tools

  • Employee/Volunteer Staff Application
  • Property Application
  • Transportation Application
  • Data Application (management, storage, integrity and security)
  • Children's Ministries Application
  • Adult Ministries Application

Properly tailored applications are critical for your ministry size, type and risk factors. We believe one size does not fit all and thus working with you and your ministry leaders to understand your specific risk factors and how to effectively meet them with the proper applications and materials is the most effective course of action. We believe the best plan of action is team work with a proactive staff that is willing to do their best to meet the challenges of each realized risk factor.

Effectively written safeguards/procedures which are properly matched with your ministry risk factors as realized from the risk management study, the basic foundational element for all aspects of risk management in your ministry.  Our coaching can assist your minsitry with quality written safeguards/pricedures that are designed to effectively protect your ministry workers and those that attend. We offer step by step procedures for their development that is effective, timely and understable to get this very important ministry aspect completed. Without the critical safeguards/procedures you ministry leaders have little to protect them today as they minister in your ministry.

Our Ministry Stewardship Tool Kits are specifically designed for your ministry size, type, and risk factors. Contact us for one today, for your ministry. Toll free (877) 471-7997 Email dphelps@phelpsfinancial.com

  • We offer a binder with pockets designed to keep it all together for easy reference
  • We believe you will find these economical, easy to use, and designed to meet your ministry time constraints.
  • Contains specific references and information from our web site and others, and how to find it in context for more related information on a subject.
  • You will find information for each of the six ministry areas specifically designed for your ministry
  • Printed ministry forms which you can use in your ministry (we have purchased in bulk to save you money)
  • Training CDs and videos which you can use in your ministry (we have purchased in bulk to save you money)
  • Personal workshops for specific needs your ministry has, that we direct for your church leaders at your location when desired (there is no charge for our clients)
  • Legal assistance when desired from attorneys we are networked with who work with our clients and understand the specific needs they have. ( Any charges there may be are arranged beforehand between the ministry and the assisting attorney)
  • Accounting assistance or ministry audits as desired from CPAs we are networked with who work with our clients and understand the specific needs they have. (Any charges there may be are arranged beforehand between the ministry and the assisting firm)
  • Ministry financing as desired from those sources we are networked with which work with our clients and understand the specific needs they have. (Any charges there may be are arranged beforehand between the ministry and the assisting financial source)

We believe that success is a journey not a destination. Our offered solutions inspire individuals to be successful so that they are able to develop sucessful family that can develop dynamic and growing ministries.

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