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Critical Elements To Consider As You Journey Toward Your Retirement Years, For Living Longer And Enjoying It More.
Critical Elements To Consider As You Journey Toward Your Retirement Years, For Living Longer And Enjoying It More.

How you define retirement today is a critical element for your planning and journey toward it. The decision to defer the necessary planning for your future security today may be the neglectfully developed architecture of your own demise.  It has often been said, "you are as old as you think you are," or that "your attitude is the key element for a successful life journey."  These are more critical today then ever as people are living long and facing more stress.  The choices you make influenced by your definition of your retirement, will set in motion the terms you that will develop your retirement as you journey toward it.  The terms for your retirement and the type of retirement whether it be a full retirement or a partial as many desire today could be a critical factor in living longer and enjoying it more.

The good news, "A quality retirement plan does not necessitate a sensation of work but the management of it is critical, if it is to continue."  In fact the continuation of work according to many medical authorities today if done in moderation is the best for a healthy and enjoyable life in retirement and beyond.  

Your work can give purpose, enjoyment, and direction for your life when other things may not. The management of it as you retire is critical if it is to be a positive influence during this time of life. It is critical to find something you enjoy doing, however, doing some work even if not enjoyed is better than not doing any. For many it may mean doing the same work they do now but working toward moderation so that it fits their possible health constraints and possible enjoyment, keys to their attitude and overall retirement enjoyment and fulfillment. 

In other words, your work can offer its best results for your retirement years when it is not necessary for survival but is done for enjoyment and fulfillment, the critical keys to a healthier retirement.  Solomon the wisest of men stated that work is to be as presented above and can be your reward as you age in life, note Ecclesiastes 5: 12, 19.

  • Harrison D. Bloom, MD, senior associate of the longevity center and the associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City recently stated that early mortality is associated with obesity as well as type A personalities, sedentary life styles, smoking, drinking, and being widowed or single especially for men as they age.
  • People he says that do better have a reason for getting up in the morning and something they want to do for that day. 
  • He further states that these people have a wide social network that included people of all ages, in part because the accept change and loss as they move through life even a major loss or change.
  • They also he states have a good sense of humor and score low in negative psychological testing. In other words they are not neurotic or depressed.
  • Further he adds that the benefits of exercise data just keeps piling up the benefits for the brain and body.
  • He also states that he has observed that retirement from work can be good so long as the people have many other things they enjoy doing beside work that may bring fulfillment. For those that do not, it would be better for them to keep showing up for the work they enjoy doing for as long as the are able. 
  • My own medical doctor has told me that the quality of the relationships of  your life as you journey through life are critical to your over all health and even more so, as you move toward retirement and beyond. He said your relationships are at times the only thing that connects the dots of your life so that it makes sense or brings enjoyment to the day to day journey of life.
  • He further stated that in the early age of life below age 40, 90% of your body weight is water as you age it can drops to 70% or less, because you do not drink enough water, which leaves you with more concentrated waste in your body a added health risk. The ideal is to drink about one half your weight in ounces each day about 4 to 6 ounces at a time.  This is more critical after age 40 because people after 40 are incline to not drink the necessary water as are younger people. 
  • He also has said the some exercise is better then none. It is important to find something you enjoy which will encourage you to be more consistent in doing it. Then he added the ideal is a 40 to 60 minute walk each day as it is incline to assist the most immune nodes of any exercise you can do, and it is cost effective since you can do in most anywhere at no cost. Ideally you should be able to talk and not be out of breath, which is a good measurement of the right speed for you.

 To review your plans and financial options call us today or email us for assisting you in defining your retirement and the development of its terms, if not you may be the architect of your own demise and misery.

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