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Sexual Misconduct, Child Abuse, Sexual Harassment Litigation And Accusations, The Critical Cause, Neglect

Sexual Misconduct, Child Abuse, Sexual Harassment Litigation and Accusation, The Critical Cause, Neglect

Assisting ministries with developing, perserving and restoring trust, with excellence.

As a person boards an airplane today, they may find the screening and checking which is required bothersome, but most would not think of boarding without it being done, because of their perceived view of the risk involved today. In like manor people are likely to avoid attending or working with your ministry when these are missing for the same reasons. We believe effective risk management is necessary for a ministry to be dynamic and growing today. We offer to assist your ministry with time saving up to date information, suggested safeguards and other written procedures, workshop at your ministry location, that are effective in bringing your risks into a more manageable position.

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