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Religious Organizational Printed Resources Reviewed & Ordering
These are very current solected materials that we believe to be some of the most critical materials that can assist you in developing a qulaity risk management program for the specific needs of your ministry. These materials we can assist you with obtaining at cost, or we can let you know the various sources. Some items we have purchased in bulk to provide you savings. Contact us if we can be of help.

GuideOne Center For Risk Management Resources
   To order any of the printed materials referred to below contact our office or you can order direct from the GuideOne Center by credit card at  https://store.guideonecenter.com
Risk Managment Handbook For Church & Schools

Authors James F. Cobble, Jr. and Richard R. Hammar have written one of the most comprehensive handbooks available to assist today's churches and private religious schools. This handbook is an extensive review of the possible risks you might be presented with today.

Safety Check Lists For Churches & Schools
   Author James F. Cobble, Jr. covers most areas of risk that a church or school might presented with today. You will find forms and check lists to assist in making the risk managment process flow easily for your organization.
Safe And Secure
   Author Jeffrey W. Hanna presents, in paperback, an easy-to-understand- and-read risk management overview for the average church of today. This manual presents the possible risks and how to manage them.
Safeguard Solutions Vol. I
   Author Jeffery W. Hanna presents easy-to-use material on how to organize and maintain a risk management program today.
Safeguard Solutions Vol. II
   Author Jeffery W. Cobble, Jr. presents forms, surveys, reports, check lists, procedures, policies, and other vital information to safeguard your church and ministry today.
Pastor Church & Law, Third Edition
   Author Richard R. Hammar, J.D., LL.M., CPA, presents a hard-bound book that every pastor today should have, to assist them in their ministry, so that they are better able to navigate the minefields of litigation today. 
Reducing The Risk II
   Authors Steven Klipowicz and James Cobble have put together six modules of training, to assist your organization with child sexual misconduct, in DVD format with printed workbooks. This material can be use individually or for group training. One of the worst nightmares a religious organization today can experience, is an allegation of sexual misconduct involving a child. Not only does the victim suffer emotionally, and their family members and those others who are close to them also, but just one incident can destroy the trust, credibility, and reputation of a religious organization for years.
Church & Law Report

A newsletter at no charge for our clients with request. Editor Richard R. Hammer, J.D., LL.M., CPA and  James F. Cobble, Jr. Ed.D Executive Director present a review of the legal and tax developments affecting ministers and churches.

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