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Communication Plans That Are Effective For Disaster Management
A very critical element that must be included in your plans today. The development of an effective communication plan is a well thought out and developed road map done by trained and effective persons who know what to say and not say. The critical is during and after the first 90 days of an event. This will lay the foundation for that which follows.  The plan should include effective and timely communication with the news media when necessary, the community, and within the ministry itself. It is critical that all communication be properly timed and as accurate as possible for it to be effective. Persons given effective, timely, and accurate information will usually be an asset not a liability. Effective communication can build trust or rebuild it when violated.  The lack of effective and properly timed communition can add fuel to the risk or disaster causing the development of added and larger issues.

Site last updated 03/20/2022