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Digital & Paper Records, Cost Effective Disaster Recovery Plans
Digital and paper records today are able to be matched for preservations with very cost effective and efficient disaster recovery plans.  First the entity must determine data that must be maintained over time, then what form it is required to be preserved in, before a plan is able to be determined that is both cost efficient and effective. 

Ditigal Data Records How safe are yours?
   How safe is your server and your data integrity? We have a partnership with User Friendly Information Systems, Inc. that can assist you with this critial element today. They offer co-location backup services, disaster office location, internet services, telephone services, and equipment that can be important to restore your business if a disaster should happen.  They know well the improtance of data security and integrity today for the survival of your entity.  web site: www.ufis.com   Backup and co-location services start at just $25 per month to provide you peace of mind for most applications, with a $500 setup cost.  Disaster office locations and other services costs vary by need and location. Possible causes of loss, theft of server, fire, natural storm causes, vandalism, virus, etc. email today for a free quote or setup dphelps@userfriendlyis.com
Valuable Paper Records How safe is paper?
   Paper has become more expensive to work with and protect. Paper copies at different locations is critical if valuable records must be kept in paper form. The cost to duplicate or collect the data to reproduce paper records can be cost prohibitive for some things and some the data is lsot forever. Copies of pictures is always a challenge but so sad if lost. With the advent of inexpensive equipment available today most all paper documents and pictures can be converted to a digital form and thus preserved more economically then in paper form usually in better quality.  If you need assistance with this contact us for cost effective results.
Types of Digital Backup Advantages & Disadvantages

Digital backup must be a layered process with many checks and balances that are designed specifically for your appliation and risk factors. Types of digital backup processes would inclue both on-site and off-site elements. The data storage volumn and the amount of daily transactions of data should determine the types of data backup and how often it should be done.

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