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Loss of A Key Employee, Manager, Other Key Person in the Entity

This loss can develop into a major disaster when alternate plans are missing for the entity.  Whether dealing with the loss of a key person by death, retirement, disability, or a desired joy change by either employor or employee the loss can present the same. Alternate plans should include the training of more then one person to do key operations as well as provision of funds to provide time and capital for the possible replacement or worker movement. We offer different insurance plans that can provide funds which should be in addition to emergancy saving plans

The Possible crises following the death of a key person
   When a key person dies it can affect the income productivity in such a way that the entity is left to financially struggle to surrive. The entity is at risk most during a time of large debt, new construction, or a new programs.  We have very cost effective plans to help you manage this critical risk.  Contact us today toll free 877-471-7997  or email dphelps@phelpsfinancial.com 
Loss of a Key Employee or Other From Retirement
   Today it is critical for churches, school, business and other entities to have a developed plan for continuation.  The transition of a key person due to retirement whether volunteery or involunteery do to health reasons or other can develope into such a disaster that the entity may be forced to struggle for its very existance. For some the entity may never recover. If you need help with this please contact us today for a professional referral that can help you. 
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