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Man-Made Disaster Issues and Answers
-Under Construction-

   How secure is the integerity of your financial data and funds?  Next to sexual misconduct emblezzelement, has surfaced as the number two issue that churches are having to deal with today.  We have CPA's that are partenered with us that are highly specialized with church and school financial data. Professional outside audits do not have to be expensive. 
Identity Theft
   -Under Construction-
Hostage and Ransom Issues and Answers
   Perhaps you have not invisioned this disaster but some of our clients have had to deal with this in their ministry. We offer insurance protection for this to some types of entities, but we also can assist you with risk management and disaster plans that are in place to lessen the impact.
Litigation Issues And Answers, The pail with no bottom!
   Today's litigious culture at times appears to know no bounds in its growing hostial assult on ministry, individuals, and business.  A disaster recovery plan to meet this assult is critial today. The following can assist with its development.
Retirement of a Key Person
   -Under Construction-
Personal Injury and Character Issues
   A crises that developes a loss for your character or results in your personal injury can leave you with a name that has little value?  What can be put in place to prevent this and is possible recovery possilbe?
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