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Level Term Life Plans
Level Term Life Plans


Level Term : offers the advantages of the most protection at an economical price; it meets the security of those you love when the need is for specified time period.  These plans offer level protection and a fixed premium rate for the chosen plan time period of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, if premiums are timely paid on a timely basis as agreed per your life insurance contract. At the end of the chosen period of time, you are presented with a choice to continue; however, the rates offered are the rates for the then attained age. These rates can change annually, becoming much higher as you continue to age. It is important to plan ahead when choosing these life products so that you are not left with an on-going need of security for those you love and are faced with an ever-increasing premium to pay.

Riders:  Possible riders may be added to customize your plan to better meet your security needs; availability may vary by plan and or state: *

Accidental Death Benefit: Pays an added death benefit upon the accidental death of the insured as defined by the policy.

Children's Term Rider: Provides level term insurance on each child of the insured.

Spouse's Term Rider:   Provides decreasing term on the insured's spouse and expires on the first policy anniversary on which the insured spouse's age is 65.

Terminal Illness Rider:  Provides an accelerated death benefit payment amount to the beneficiary if the insured is diagnosed as having a terminal illness by a physician after the effective date and the rider is inforce.

Waiver of Premium Rider: Provides for premium payments to be waived during a period of total disability of the primary insured and terminates on the policy anniversary on which the primary insured is age sixty.

Long-term needs may be better protected by Universal Life products.  I believe it is critical in our fast-paced and ever-changing culture, where persons at times are presented with changes of a volcanic nature in their life, to review their needs. A periodic review with us will more appropriately meet the security needs of your loved ones and will make sure they are being properly cared for in the best possible way. Call us or e-mail us today for a no-obligation review and quote.

Here are some possible sample rates for non-smokers; these rates can vary depending on age and gender and upon how you meet specific underwriting qualifications for your health, lifestyle, etc. *

Upon a review, I think you will agree these rates offer you a very affordable protection package at a time when most companies are making life insurance a real challenge as you try to meet your budget constraints with necessary security for those you love.

Sex     Amount   age   term   Annual premium   
Male   $250,000   30   10 yr    $160.00
                       15 yr    $180.00  
                       20 yr    $207.50
                  35   10 yr    $165.00              REQUEST A QUOTE 
                       15 yr    $187.50         PLEASE COMPLETE AND SUBMIT
                       20 yr    $220.00  QUOTE FORM FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE 
                  40   10 yr    $192.50              or email us today at 
                       15 yr    $227.50          dphelps@phelpsfinancial.com   
                       20 yr    $287.50           We will need date of birth, 
                                             height, weight, benefit amount desired
Female $250,000   30   10 yr    $142.50         and a statement of what your
                       15 yr    $170.00        general health condition is, and   
                       20 yr    $187.50      whether you are a non-smoker or smoker
                  35   10 yr    $147.50     (must be tobacco free for over 12 months
                       15 yr    $175.00         to qualify for non-smoker rates)
                       20 yr    $197.50
                  40   10 yr    $170.00
                       15 yr    $215.00
                       20 yr    $237.50 

* The information below is given to assist persons in understanding the nature of this product

type in general terms, and it must not be considered as a binding life insurance contract or a

copy of the policy in any way. An issued life insurance contract (policy) that you have purchased

from a life insurance company must be viewed as the only contract reflecting your policy and must

be reviewed, for its limitations and benefits, between you and the life insurance company. Policy

provisions may vary by state and may not be available in your state. Contact us for availability

and a review of this plan of security for those you love. Life policies presented on this page are

underwritten by Kansas City Life Insurance Company.

E-mail dphelps@phelpsfinancial.com

Phone  (614) 899-6000  and toll free (877) 471-7997 for MI,OH, KY, WI, & IN


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