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Provided Housing, the risk protection plan
Provided Housing, the risk protection plan

The Provided Housing Risk

Provided housing, the risk that if overlooked can leave an organization with a possible financial risk that could cause it hardship; it could also place those who lived in the provided home in a hardship position with no place to live. Far too often, when provided housing is offered as part of the compensation package, nothing is done to plan for the resulting risk should the employed party pass away.  Provided housing can save the organization funds they would otherwise have to pay the employed person.  The organization is then put in a position where they must either ask the family and spouse to leave with nothing to replace their home, or do their best to provide another home for the new employed person's family if an untimely death should occur during the employment period.

The solution we provide for this possible risk

Our provided housing benefit plan will provide funds to relocate the current family or funds for a new home for the new employee. Our plans offer you the choice of a 15 year plan, 20 year plan, 30 year plan, or longer.  Each plan is purchased by the organization, owned by it, and the organization is the beneficiary which puts them in the position to offer choices to meet the above mentioned financial risk should that be necessary. 

Contact us today for a review of your risk and a quote to care for this unique risk.  The following are necessary for a quote: birthdate of the employed person, their gender, the desired time period of protection, and the desired amount of protection. We look forward to assisting you with this important need for those who are so very important to your organization. It will give them peace of mind as well as assurance to your organization that you are offering your employed person your best.

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