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GuideOne Homeowners Insurance Plans
GuideOne Homeowners Insurance Plans

GuideOne offers a variety of home insurance plans that are designed to meet the specific needs that you have, from the HO-3 where most companies stop, the Pacer and then to their most elite plan, the Pacer Plus which offers benefits well above the average insurance.*

The GuideOne PACER*
Your home is possibly your biggest investment. As such, it deserves the best protection. Preserve your peace of mind and your home with the Pacer.

Why CHOOSE GuideOne?
At GuideOne Insurance, they focus on the individual customer and continue to develop products to fit your needs. By getting to know you, we, your agent, can create a complete insurance plan specific to you and your situation, using their products. Choose GuideOne, and discover why their personal attention does makes a difference.

The Pacer, their most comprehensive homeowners policy, covers your residence, garage and other buildings, personal property, personal effects and personal liability. Naturally, the Pacer includes those features in most standard policies, such as:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Window breakage
  • Theft
  • Smoke damage
  • Vandalism
  • Explosion
  • Freezing of plumbing, heating, air conditioning systems and appliances
  • Water damage from accidental leakage or overflow of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, etc.
  • Damage caused by falling objects- fallen trees or other objects from an outside source
  • Broad vehicle damage to your home, by cars, even if owned or operated by a resident
  • Riot or civil commotion, including loss by pillage or looting
  • Loss due to collapse of building
  • Electrical damage (excluding tubes or transistors) from artificially generated electricity such as power surges, etc.
  • Weight of snow- loss from weight of ice, snow or sleet to buildings
  • Aircraft damage, including missiles or spacecraft
  • Heater or heating losses- (explosion, etc., of steam or water heating system and appliances)
  • Personal liability to tradespeople, guest or other persons injured by occurrences at your home
  • Medical expenses for injuries to others at your premises, or from your actions, whether you're liable or not
  • Damage to property of others caused by anyone in your family, liable or not, up to a specified limit
  • Cost of defending suits including attorney fees, etc., until coverage is exhausted, liable or not, and
  • Off-premises injury to others arising from acts of members of your family or pets- anywhere.

The Pacer includes these extras- coverage for the unexpected hazards and other perils not specifically excluded in your policy, like:

  • Water seepage in attic (e.g., water from a downpour saturates plaster causing the ceiling to collapse)
  • Overheated appliances (e.g., failure of thermostat causes coffee maker to overheat, scorching counter top)
  • Dropped or fallen object (e.g., mirror or light fixture falls and chips the lavatory basin, requiring replacement of the fixture)
  • Accidental damage (e.g., homeowner accidentally damages garage in attempting to cut down a tree)
  • Building damage (e.g., homeowner falls accidentally, damaging rafters in attempting to insulate attic)

But then, they made it even better...
Additional Pacer extras automatically included. Replacement cost coverage* for your home and your personal property with no deduction for depreciation. Extra dwelling protection… if the cost to replace your home exceeds your coverage limit, they will increase the stated amount of insurance by up to 25%; if it is found that the increase in cost is due to a spike because of a weather covered cause of loss, subject to policy provisions.  Example: a large area is damaged by wind and hail, causing a spike in the cost of labor and materials for the area. 

  • Loss of use (no $ limit up to twelve months)
  • Sewer back-up ($2,500 limit)
  • Lock replacement ($250 limit/no deductible)
  • Good Citizen coverage (increased coverage while working as a volunteer for a non-profit, charitable organization)
  • Coverage for owned golf carts ($5,000 limit)
  • Arson award to assist with the capture of the arsonist
  • Refrigerated products ($500 limit)
  • Credit card, fund transfer card, forgery and counterfeit money ($5,000 limit)
  • Incidental business activities for children under 21

*Subject to loss from a covered peril. Personal property covered up to a maximum of 75% of the written coverage on the dwelling. See policy for special limits on certain types of personal property.

The Pacer's Special coverage also includes:
Our Pacer policy provides loss of income protection for up to six months. That's money that can help pay your mortgage or other living expenses if an accident disables you. That's Pacer Protection- not found in other homeowners insurance packages!

  • Loss of Income Coverage (Excess over any other collectible loss of income benefits).

There's even more...

  • Inflation protection
  • Personal property temporarily away from the residence (covered up $2,000 for perils of earthquake, flood, vehicle overturn or collision)
  • Coverage for grave marker- no dollar limit
  • Debris removal, after covered loss
  • Coverage for business property up to $2,500 on-premises
  • Trees, shrubs and plants ($500 limit)
  • Special limit of $5,000 for electronic data processing equipment
  • Property of a student who is an insured is covered while at a residence away from home
  • No deductible applied to Bibles and religious books
  • Theft coverage for jewelry, furs and firearms up to $5,000

Other Coverage OPTIONS Available
The Pacer can be designed to meet your special needs:

  • Certain valuable items such as fine jewelry, furs, antiques, silver flatware, sporting equipment, collectibles, and fine art can be specially scheduled to provide coverage that is more appropriate for the unique risk requirements of these types of items. For more info on Scheduled Personal coverage, click here.
  • Watercraft, trailers, motors and other equipment may also be endorsed for additional coverage
  • Overflow of sump pumps
  • Pets
  • Livestock
  • Construction, builder's risk 

If your home is under construction, see us about builder's risk.

Need Additional Liability Protection?
The Pacer allows you to:

  • Increase basic liability and medical coverage
  • Extend liability to a secondary location or rental property
  • Cover certain business activities conducted in the home
  • Provide off-premises coverage for qualified business pursuits
  • Provide liability coverage for watercraft and snowmobiles

For protection from catastrophic loss, ask us about the Personal Excess Liability Policy.

Due to applicable state laws, certain coverages may not be available in your state. Please see your policy for exact details on coverages. See Phelps Financial Services for coverage availability.  

The Pacer allows you Policy Discounts:

  • Auto/home discount when we insure your auto, too.
  • Nonsmokers discount when you have chosen that lifestyle. 
  • Higher deductible discount
  • Protective Devices, Deadbolts, smoke dectector, fire Extinguisher  
  • Protective Devices, Central station or local alarms 

Due to applicable state laws, certain discounts may not be available in your state. Please contact us for availability. 

*Please note that these offerings are state and policy specific; please contact our office to be sure they are offered in full or in part for your state. This page is not designed to be a complete listing of the coverage benefits or exclusions but a brief outline. For a complete listing of the benefits and exclusions, please review your state specific GuideOne policy*. Please note that each policy type has certain underwriting qualifications which you may or may not qualify for. Call or email our office to have your qualifications reviewed by an agent for a quote. To receive a no-obligation quote, fax or email us a copy of your present insurance dec sheet that outlines your current plan of insurance. An agent will reply with a contact for an apt to review your data and your qualifications.

Phone 614-899-6000 

Toll free 877-471-7997 for the states of CO, OH, IL, IN, KY, WI only

Email : dphelps@phelpsfinancial.com

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