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Key Points to Consider Before You Travel Here or Abroad
Key Points to Consider Before You Travel Here or Abroad

We trust that you will have a safe trip and return to the peace of your home in good health without having to deal with the stress and hassle of risks that are unmanaged and could present themselves, before, during and upon your return.

  • When traveling within the United States or Canada with your own auto, you should include this inspection before you leave, or for a rental auto, before you leave their parking lot.

Vehicle Trip Inspection Form & Procedures

The suggested five minute trip inspection should be completed by the driver before you take a trip--whether an owned or non-owned vehicle. This could make the difference between life or death for someone. 

Vehicle Trip Inspection Form & Procedures

Note this location on our site:           http://www.phelpsfinancial.com/risk/consumer/vehicle/trip

  • Renting a private passenger vehicle when traveling within the United States, its possessions, or Canada. If you have any questions, please call us before you leave or from your rental office, so that we can ease your mind as you travel:

When you rent a private passenger vehicle, you are liable for injuries and property damage you cause to others, as well as for damage to the rental vehicle, whether it was your fault or not.  With some restrictions, your auto insurance policy will cover you in your territory ( United States, its possessions, territories, or Canada) if you injure someone or their property; this coverage is bodily injury and property damage liability. (A Canadian proof of insurance card is required from our office before you drive in Canada. It is usually requested for proof as you cross the border)  In most cases, your auto policy will also cover the damage to the private passenger vehicle rental if you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on at least one of your covered autos with us, because that same coverage will carry over to the auto you rent. When you rent a vehicle, be sure to review and note any physical damage with the rental agent before you leave their location. Key a copy of these notations for your return. Before you leave the parking lot, check your auto for fuel, brakes, lights and such.  Also be sure you know how to operate things: light switches, radio, wipers, etc. It would be good to ask when the last services were done as well.

If you plan on using your credit card to cover damage to your private passenger rental auto, read the fine print.  Some credit card companies provide coverage only after you prove there is no coverage under your personal policy.  Some credit card companies actually have a dollar limitation as well as very restrictive coverage. 

Auto rental agencies will try to convince you that their damage waiver is required, or they may leave you with a feeling that there is not coverage for this from your auto policy. Call if you have questions on this, before you travel if possible, so that you can give the rental agency the best answer for you. Paying for this coverage with the rental agency could double the cost of renting an auto. This is a coverage designed to save our clients money as they travel. 

  • When renting a private passenger vehicle when traveling outside the United States, its possessions, or Canada, if you have any questions, please call us (before you leave if possible) so that we can ease your mind as you travel as to the coverage you have:

When traveling outside the United States, its possessions, or Canada, it is best to include the insurance offered by the rental company in the country or area you are traveling, as claims outside our home territory would leave you with many issues that may not be covered. Usually foreign rental auto insurance is not that expensive and will care for your claims much easier and quicker that our coverage.

  • Before you leave home, don't forget to review the risk management self audit for your home so that when you return home, it is safe and wasn't damaged while you were away.

                     Please note these suggestions at this location on our site:  http://www.phelpsfinancial.com/summary/p/973


Before You Leave Home For Travel Conside These Things
   Before leaving home, there are some things you should consider so that when you return you are less likely to be presented with the stress of unmanaged risks. Your return should be to a place of peace and rest from your travels.
Before You Leave Home For Travel Conside These Things

  • Health insurance, when you travel out of the United States, can present some interesting situations. Note our foreign travel health insurance choices on our site at this location: 
    Foreign Travel Risks Strategies

Claims may not be covered for an extended time if at all. Most US health plans offer little coverage when you are traveling abroad.  

If you should need emergency medical evacuation while traveling abroad, most policies will not cover this; it usually starts at about $100,000 and continues on up as needed.

If you should die or are killed while out of the country, the return of your body can be very costly; this, as well, is not a covered expense on health policies.  

These suggestions are not given as legal advice as we are not in that business; they are given as suggestions of risk management that could reduce the possible risk factor that you could be presented with as you travel.

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