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Periodicals and other Reading and Review materials

A review of the periodicals and magazines that I read and review include those from related member and societies I belong to, as well as industry ones; there are others on people skills, communication, selling, marketing, techolonogy, current events, and economy trends. These include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Life Insurance Selling  www.lifeinsuranceselling.com
    Cutting edge information for working with life insurance clients.
  2. Benefits Selling  www.benefitssellingmag.com
    Group and voluntary benefit product information for today's employers.
  3. Senior Spirit Living Longer & Loving it  www.society-csa.com
    Providing updated information for dealing with seniors in our ever-changing world of today.
  4. CSA Journal, Journal of The Society of Certified Senior Advisors  www.society-csa.com
    Provides concise and ready reference information on changes, and updates areas and issues that are important for seniors so that advisors are better able to assist them.
  5. Money  www.money.com
    Publication of The Financial Planning Association covering issues and information of interest for financial planners, keeping them up to date on industry changes and angles that may assist them in work with their clients.
  6. Solutions  www.fpanet.org
    Financial Planners practice magazine offering ideas and information to keep them current on trends and financial changes of today's world.
  7. Journal of Financial Planning  www.journalpf.net
    Articles and information covering issues for financial planners in dealing with specifice clients areas.
  8. Financial Planning  www.financial-planning.com
    Articles covering issues for financial planners in today's ever-changing world of finance.
  9. Advisor Today  www.advisortoday.com
    The member magazine of The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Offering advice and information for dealing with today's clients in our ever-complex and changing financial world.
  10. Financial Advisor  www.financialadvisormag.com
    Offers information and suggestions in dealing with the financial clients who are a cut above the average. It presents their concerns and offers answers for those.
  11. Ticker The Art of Money Managment   ww.ticker.com
    Financial planner articles and information on dealing with today's culture and clients.
  12. Annuity News & Lifeline  swww.annarborexchange.com
    Information and ideas for agents on annuites, life insurance, and long term care.
  13. The Roster Report www.rosterfinancial.com
    Information and ideas for agents on Life Insurance, Long term care, and annuities in today's market.
  14. Robb Report Worth Wealth In Perspective www.worth.com
    Financial information and insight in dealing with the above average client in today's complex world of finance and investment.
  15. The Planners Weekly www.financial-planning.com
    Financial planners weekly news and info for dealing with today's world.
  16. Crown Financial Online
  17. Benefit News www.benefitnews.com
    Advisor news for group benefits.
  18. Advisor Today epublication@naifa.com
    Condensed news for Life and Health agents.
  19. Iinsurance News www.insurancenews.net
    Weekly insurance news for insurance agents.
  20. LIS Quick Tips News: briefs and sales ideas for life insurance agents in today's culture.
  21. Insurance Newscast www.insurancebroadcasting.com
    Daily insurnace news of interest to insurance agents.
  22. Society Smart Briefs financial planner news in brief form.
  23. National Underwriter News And Views, trends and ideas for the insurance industry.
  24. Fubabcuak Services; Online daily insurance and financial news.
  25. Selling LTC Sales ideas for long term care clients in today's world.
  26. American Agent & Broker www.agentandbroker.com
    Magazine offering the property and casulty agents information and ideas for dealing with clients and the ever-changing world we currently find ourselves in today.
  27. Humana Connection www.humana.com
    Health company magazine covering company and industry news.
  28. Going For Great
    News magazine for agents and employees of GuideOne that covers changes, updates and news that may assist them with decisions and client relationships.
  29. The Planner www.fpacentralohio.org
    The official member newsletter for The Ohio Financial Planning Association; outlines news and information that can assist financial planners in working their clients.
  30. The Advisor  This link provides access directly to the page location; note the bottom of the page to the Advisor. A publication for GuideOne Insurance Personal Lines clients that can assist them with issues they face each day in our ever-changing world.
  31. Agency Ideas www.cpia.com
    Office member publication of the Society of CPIA, which offers ideas and information in dealing with property and casulty clients today.
  32. Columbus Advisor  www.naifa-columbus.org
    Office publication of the National Association of Insurance and Financial, Advisors and The Society of Financial Service Professionals. It offers ideas and information in dealing with life and health clients and the many issues and challenges they face today.
  33. PIA Connection  www.pianet.com
    The official member publication of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents. Offers insight and information into political, financial, and insurance issues as they pertain to the insurance agent in our challenging culture.
  34. PIA Partner Link  www.ohiopia.com
    The official member publication of the Ohio Professional Insurance Agents Association. Offers insight and information on political, financial, and insurance issues as it pertains to Ohio agents and dealings with their clients on property and casulty issues.
  35. The Communicator www.westervillecamber.com
    The member publication of the Westerville Chamber of Commerce; offers information and insight into political issues of local government and society as it affects business.
  36. Money Matters www.crown.org
    Member publication of Crown Financial Ministries, which offers advice and information from a religious perspective for today's culture.
  37. The Link Offers information and news on member organizations and keep us current on clients we work with in the group.
  38. The Legel Alert  www.christianlaw.org
    Offers legal information and insights on the issues facing religious organiations in our ever-changing and challenging culture.
  39. The Professional Insurance Agent  www.ohiopia.com
    Official member magazine of the Ohio PIA; offers informed opinions, knowledge, and professional enlightment for professional insurance agents of today.
  40. CFO www.cfo.com
    Business magazine of interest for today's business; offers insight into the business environment and challenges of today.
  41. Columbus C.E.O.  Columbus business magazine offering insights and information for Ohio and Columbus business.
  42. Westerville Magazine, Westerville business magazine offering insights and information for Westerville businesses.
  43. Digital Connect Magazine www.digitalconnectmag.com
    Digital techonolgy information magazine for today in staying ahead of today's fast-paced world.
  44. DM Review  www.dmreivew.com
    Offers information and updates on the world of data management, information and analysis for today's business culture.
  45. Internet Telephony  www.itmag.com
    The official magazine on current info for voice, video, fax, and data convergence in today's world for business applications.
  46. Insurance Technology  www.insurancetech.com
    Data and technology management ideas for today's world and the insurance business.
  47. Communication News  www.comnews.com
    Data and information management technology information for our technological age.
  48. CustomerInteraction Solutions  www.cismag.com
    Information and technology review of the latest way of providing data interaction and management of data with clients.
  49. Business Solutions  www.businesssolutionsmag.com
    Offering information of technology advances for today's business.
  50. Transform  www.transformmag.com
    Ideas and information on data management and imaging, discusses advances in technology for today's business.
  51. Geoworld  www.geoplace.com
  52. Sherman's Executive Communicator Presentation and negotiation tips for today's business leaders.
  53. Presentations;  Presentation industry updates and information for effective presentations. www.presentations.com
  54. Imaging technology information magazine.

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