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Risk Management Glossary of Terms and Concepts
Risk Management Glossary of Terms and Concepts

The Initial Risk Management Study:

Our engagement with our clients starts with a quality foundation developed by a comprehensive risk management study of all ministry aspects and elements so as to review the frequency and severity for each discovered risk factor.  This foundation then provides the necessary support for  effective risk management, safeguards, disaster recovery plans, and insurance benefits that can provide proper application to each possible area of ministry.  These ministry areas may include, employee and volunteer management, financial management, data management, property management, transportation management, children's ministry management, and adult ministry management elements, all of which may or may not be present in your ministry.    

 Risk Management:

The ongoing management study of your ministry risk factors to discover and review their possible frequency and severity.  This allows for the effective development and implementation of the best techniques to manage them.  It is critical that the ministry risk manager monitor each technique for its effectiveness and modify as needed. A key element for effective risk management, is the annual completion of The Risk Management Report Card.


The written procedures effectively tailored to your ministry risk factors as realized from the risk management study which are practiced

 Disaster Recovery Plans: 

The written plans that will minimize the possible impact of the elements of a disaster as realized from the risk management ministry study.

Insurance Benefits:

Tailored financial benefits to assist with the possible financial recovery from the potential losses of your specific ministry risk factors as realized from the risk management study. Insurance, without the foundation of a quality comprehensive risk, and disaster study which deals with each realized risk factor is really a disaster in waiting for your staff and those of your community of faith.  Would you think it unwise to never take the time to check your auto brakes and feel justified with this decision because you have auto insurance. Healthy life choices as are checking your auto brakes, are the risk mangement safeguards you choose to put in place in your life, to lesson the risk of the premature loss of your life.  Ministry insurance is like life insurance, which can not stop you from dying, but can assist with the possible financial aftermath of your death. 

Ministry Tool Kit

Our firm's kit designed to assist your ministry with time sensitivity in integrating specific elements necessary for the specific needs of your ministry that are proven to be effective and easy to use. Contact us today for a copy of this effective ministry tool kit provided for our clients at a discount, and which includes printed forms, DVDs, CDs, booklets, and glossary of terms and concepts that provide a timely and effective track to work with.

Risk Management Report Card

The annual form that measure the quality of the organizations risk management strategies that can yield the best possible premiums and less risk for the organization.

Background checks

A criminal background check that is able to be done online in conjustion as a clients of GuideOne to care for the issues of ministry neglect conserning sexual minconduct issues.  The report will desplay any and all criminal reported incidents for the individual.

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