The Risk Management Report Card
Your position with us.  As a client we would like you to know that your efforts are an important part of your insurance program with us today, and we need your help. For an insurance program to provide the best possible benefit, at the best possible price, it is critical that we have current data that is specific to the risks of your organization which have been properly reviewed for their frequency and severity. 
Risk Management, it's importance today.   The risk management that we assist you with is the foundation upon which a good insurance program is built. Without this relationship, which we build with you, you may have a policy with great provisions, but do they meet the specific needs of your organization?  I am sure you have known of people and organizations that have coverage with good insurance companies, but when a loss was presented, they were often left with no benefits to assist them with their loss.  Perhaps the proper risk management may lessen your risks; some may be spared moral loss, loss of sight, limbs, life, health, property loss or financial loss.  Insurance can assist with the aftermath of a risk loss, but only proper risk management may prevent or lessen the effect of risk loss. For a sound risk management program, it takes a team effort that is built on a solid on-going relationship with people who care enough to take the time to be involved with us. We can help you with current training, materials, resources, and our personal involvement to review and encourage your efforts, plus be your advocate to represent your risks and how they are being dealt with to the insurance company. Only an on-going relationship with our clients can offer these benefits for your organization.
The Risk Management Report Card is the data I must collect and review ninety days prior to your renewal with the insurance company home office underwriter.  This report has a major impact on your renewal premium.  Please take some time to review the elements of this report so that we can work together for your best premium and less risk. To assist us with the advantage of being on the same page, we have included on our website many sample form suggestions, data collection forms, and other helpful data which cover a wide variety of the risks that you may be presented with today.

Risk Management defined The process of making and implementing decisions that will minimize the effect of accidental loss on an organization. 

Risk Management, its importance today.  Risk management is the foundation for all insurance, without which, you are building on quicksand in our litigious culture of today. Today we need leaders with integrity who are risk management focused, because they have a clear vision of people, property, litigation, and financial loss. People want to know that they and their children are safe with your organization's programs, transportation, employees and volunteers, property, and that data record integrity is important.  It is most unfortunate, today, that we live in a society that has far too often chosen to overlook the fact that there are consequences, which can be both good or bad, for the choices we make concerning our actions, what we think, say, or whatever else, which might have an effect on ourselves or the organization we have chosen to be a part of.  This choice often leads us down a path of negligence which is the basis of a lot of property damage, loss of life, limb, moral indigressions, as well as most litigation today against ourselves and the organizations we are a part of, it is the premise for today's risk management and reason for its necessity.

 We view our position as a partner or professional advisor as you allow us to come alongside you and offer the professional assistance which most find necessary today. Other agencies can provide you with the source of an insurance policy which you could purchase and file for some future need, but we offer much more with an on-going growing relationship that is designed to meet your specific needs as we interact together.  Thank you for the opportunity of allowing us the privilege of working with you in these challenging and changing days that we currently find ourselves in. We will diligently work to provide you with our best efforts, products and service. We trust you will compliment these with your best efforts for the successful team that is necessary for you today. You can contact us with questions, concerns, data updates, or other reasons you feel necessary by email : or by phone 614-899-6000 or toll free phone 877-471-7997  for the states of OH, MI, KY, WI, IN

Named Insured______________________________________   Policy No. _______________

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Occupancy ____________               Premise and building # __________________

Please place an ''x'' by each that applies and explain all deficient items or make necessary comments. Complete a copy of this survey for each main building; note the building section below.

Our agency has inspected or reviewed inspection reports for the entire premises and interior of the building to collect this data. Comments:__________________________________________________________________________________

Risk factors for Review:

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(PFSI RR 05/05)